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Freestyle Libre Reader 2 New Version Glucose Monitor sensors not Included

Freestyle Libre 2 system with unsurpassed 14-Day accuracy and optional, real-time glucose alarms that are easy for you and your patients.  The reader stores up to 90 days of glucose readings so physicians and their patients can analyze patterns in the historic trends.  80% of users report that the Freestyle Libre 2 system enabled them to measure and adjust insulin doses more accurately.  92% of users felt it makes managing their meal-time glucose much easier. 
  • Visual alerts and trend arrows Warn patients when their glucose is going high or low
  • Daily Patterns Graph Helps patients assess glucose variability and identify periods when they are out of range
  • Time in Target Chart Shows patients how often they are in target range
  • Average Glucose Graph Indicates patients’ average glucose levels at various times of day
  • Low Glucose Events Graph Reports the frequency of hypoglycemia events by time of day
  • Helps patients track key factors impacting glucose throughout the day such as food, insulin, and exercise
  • Unsurpassed 14 day accuracy for adults and children
  • This Reader is to be used with Libre 2 Sensors